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Acoustic conditioning for accessible ceilings

A new line of sound-absorbing panels for accessible ceilings, in which the absorbent properties of different materials carefully selected by our acoustics technical team are combined, significantly increasing performance against noise.

Paneles acústicos para techos

The acoustic panels are adapted to the installation standards of the market so they can be replaced in already installed accessible ceilings, or carry out an installation from scratch with the anchoring system that best suits the user's requirements.

This makes installation easier, avoids carrying out works and therefore greatly facilitates the acoustic conditioning of the instance.

The decorative cladding plate, made from polyester fiber, provides excellent physical properties and optimal acoustic absorption, as well as offering a final finish that does not require post-treatment and is available in a wide range of colors.

Decoration resource for interior designers

Panel acústico para techos en varios colores

The main plate has an excellent finish, due to its modular arrangement it allows the combination of different colors and the wide range of shades allows interior designers and decorators to let the imagination fly. We are therefore not only facing a functional product that allows generating noise-free and acoustically welcoming environments, but it is also a decoration resource for interior designers.

C-Clean 2

For adequate acoustic conditioning and depending on the room, it will not be necessary to replace all the panels, nor will these panels have the same characteristics if we try to do a basic conditioning or a more demanding conditioning, such as multi-purpose rooms. For this reason we put our acoustics technical department at your disposal, which will be able to offer you a configuration tailored to your needs.

Different types of panels

To adapt to all market demands, we have different panel configurations, from the most basic to panels with geometric perforations defined by specialized software and adapted to the room.


Placa acústica Basic

Product made from 100% polyester microfibers; that combines sound absorption with excellent decoration.

Polyester microfiber plate 9 mm.

αw = 0.35 NRC = 0.28

Basic - Grafica 01


Placa de yeso acústica

Board in which the absorbent properties of polyester microfiber are combined with the insulating power of laminated plasterboard.

9 mm laminated gypsum board.

Polyester microfiber plate 9 mm.

αw = 0.37           NRC = 0.31



Placa de lana mineral

It combines the sound absorption capacity of two different materials, enhancing the absorbent properties of the whole, significantly improving overall absorption.

50 mm mineral wool.

Polyester microfiber plate 9 mm.

αw = 0.82           NRC = 0.75

Tune - Grafica 03


Placa acústica Clean

C-Clean complements the acoustic properties, with the reduction of excess odors and harmful substances in the room, due to the intermediate plate that combines gypsum with zeolite stone.

50 mm mineral wool.

Plaster perforated plate with Zeolite 15 mm.

Polyester microfiber plate 9 mm.

αw = 0.83           NRC = 0.77

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