Speed Dry

Speed Dry

Self-Supporting Roofs

Speed Dry

Self-Supporting Roofs - Roof Panel


  • Treated aluminum sheet

  • Extruded polystyrene with high compression resistance.

  • Rubber gasket housing - Optimum watertight barrier (82 mm).

  • Vía de drenaje – Evacúa la condensación.

  • Cámara seca – Preserva de la corrosión.

  • Self-positioning wedge - Ensures level between panels.

Speed Dry


Speed Dry


  • The SPEED DRY System does not need extra structures, straps or trusses for its placement.

  • They are more resistant to breakage than other sheet steel panels.

  • Its composition uses 0.8 mm sheets (for 52 mm panels) and 1 mm sheets (for 82 mm panels), which provide great rigidity.

  • They are composed of an extruded polystyrene core that is more resistant to compression than other insulating materials.

Thanks to these characteristics the professional AHORRA:

  • In assembly time.

  • In structural materials.


  • By CE Marking.

  • By the thickness of the sheet.

  • For the color of the sheet.

  • By the fixing system.

  • Inside the Extruded Polystyrene.

  • Due to the length of the sections without the need for straps.

  • For the possibility of lengths up to 12 meters.

Speed Dry

52 and 82 mm profiles

Our panels are equipped with tongue and groove profiles, designed to create a watertight barrier allowing condensation to evacuate


The SPEED DRY metal double-sided self-supporting sandwich panels manufactured by MULTIPANEL comply with the CE Marking, which means that the following tasks are performed:

  • Factory Production Control (CPF)

  • Initial Type Tests (EIT)

  • Declaration of benefits

  • Marking and labeling

Factory Production Control (CPF)

The CPF involves the control of the production process, controlling the raw materials, the product in progress and the finished product, by carrying out the tests established by the Standard.

Initial Type Tests (EIT)

Initial type tests are tests carried out by accredited laboratories on different parameters, set by the standard, on a sample of a sandwich panel or a complete panel. This means that the panels will be manufactured with the same characteristics as the samples that have already been tested by the laboratory.

The model or specimen tested will always be the most unfavorable of the entire range in terms of parameters and the results obtained may be used in any range of measurements.

Declaration of benefits

MULTIPANEL issues a Declaration of Performance of the products it delivers to the customer. It is a Declaration where there is a list of the products with identification, their intended use, evaluation system, harmonized standard, notified bodies (laboratories) and declared performance of the products, according to the results of the tests in an external laboratory.

This declaration empowers MULTIPANEL to place CE Marking labels on the products.

Marking and labeling

All SPEED DRY panels manufactured by MULTIPANEL are labeled with the CE Marking which implies the compliance of each panel with the characteristics of the tests carried out.

The CE Marking consists of a label that includes the CE marking symbol. This label must be placed on the product visibly, legibly and indelibly, by means of an attached label attached to the packaging.

The marking indicates that the product complies with the application directives and must be placed at the end of the production control phase. It is the responsibility of MULTIPANEL that the CE marking and labeling reaches the end user who receives the product.

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