Modular and efficient construction solutions for new construction and renovation

Precast Construction System. Passivhaus Building Solutions

Paneles prefabricados para construcción
Multipanel MultiTherm panels offer a quick, effective and simple solution to solve all types of enclosures with a single panel. It is a sandwich panel with a high-density extruded polystyrene insulating core and two plates of our FBR-ECO panels.

Interior enclosure, facade, roof and sanitary slab with a single panel

It is a solution of prefabricated panels for exterior and interior enclosures, both for new construction and rehabilitation, solving with a single panel as much interior partitioning as exterior cladding and façade, it can also be used for roofing and to form sanitary floors. This is an off-road panel, versatile, light, insulating and efficient.

Panel prefabricado
One of the main advantages of the MultiTherm is that, as it is a pre-industrialized panel, it results in a direct saving of time on site and therefore cost savings. With MultiTherm it is possible to lift up to 120 square meters in 24 hours with a single worker.

1 day + 1 worker = 120m2

By using custom panels, waste is minimal and construction site rubble disappears, this makes MultiTherm a perfect solution to carry out quick work with cleaning that traditional materials do not allow. If we analyze it in new construction construction, we verify that this reduction of debris allows greater freedom of movement in the work and eliminates the need to be continuously moving materials and debris from one place to another, again impacting on time and cost savings.

No debris

Multipanel Internacional Madrid S.L. offers different dimensions and standard thicknesses of MultiTherm panels that provide a solution to most of the cases that may arise in a project.



In addition to these standard panels, Multipanel offers the possibility of dimensioning the panels by project. And this is not only reduced to special dimensions, but we can make panels with longitudinal machining, recesses, reinforcements in specific areas, tongue and groove for modular assemblies, etc. Every solution is subject to study by our technical department, so we always leave the door open to collaborations from the earliest stages of the project.

Modular Construction

The MultiTherm sandwich panel is a perfect solution for efficient modular construction, minimizing time and costs derived from commissioning.

MultiTherm is a versatile and lightweight panel that can be directly anchored to a metal structure to build a home in a short time, optimizing costs and with minimal waste. Its technical characteristics allow a cladding to be anchored inside and any type of facade cladding to the outside.

From Multipanel we give the option of carrying out modulations by project, with custom panels, corner pieces, machining for installations, specific reinforcements, etc.

Facade rehabilitation

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The MultiTherm semi-panel solution serves as a pre-industrialized basis for the optimization of times and costs in a SATE facade restoration.

A possible installation method to undertake the rapid rehabilitation of a facade would be to project polyurethane foam on the MultiTherm to fix it to the facade by positioning the panels 1 - 2 mm apart. The panels are anchored using chemical dowel hardware, the joints are filled with MultiZero putty and reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. Leveling paste is applied to cover the screws and flaws and the final finish according to the project (monolayer, MultiStone, Porcelain ...)

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