Acoustic conditioning for fairgrounds

Acoustic conditioning for fairgrounds

Acondicionamiento acústico

The fairgrounds are one of the main meeting points to start professional relationships, and for this communication is of vital importance. But in contrast to this need, these venues tend to have poor acoustics that prevents fluid communication, makes it necessary to raise the voice and consequently increases the fatigue and stress of the attendees.

To avoid this there must be a correct acoustic conditioning of the environment. For this our acoustic conditioning panels for fairgrounds offer a simple, easy to install and efficient solution to create an optimal business environment. Not only for the interior of the Stand, but the overall environment of the fairgrounds is favored by this conditioning.

These acoustic panels are prepared for use in modular stands that are used in the fairgrounds.

Prepared for modular stands

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The operating principle is based on the absorption of the sound that is transmitted into the air from one Stand to the other adjacent Stand, reducing in the same way the amount of sound that is reflected on the roof and walls of the building.

Multipanel's acoustic conditioning system for fairgrounds shows excellent performance in medium frequencies, favoring sound absorption in the human voice range, improving speech intelligibility and therefore language understanding, a strictly necessary requirement when communication is carried out. set in different languages.

Acondicionamiento acústico
Acondicionamiento acústico

Quick and easy installation

The system is designed so that its installation is simple and fast, based on the standards that are handled in each situation in which they will be used. Multipanel's acoustic conditioning system adapts perfectly to the standard modules that are configured in the fairgrounds.

Improved booth brightness

Acondicionamiento acústico

By directing spotlights towards the Multipanel acoustic conditioning panels we achieve a homogeneous and pleasant lighting effect, which avoids annoying glare and reduces shadows.

White color of the panels favors the reflection of light on them, projecting a beam onto the stand, and the polyester fiber finish reduces the harshness of reflected light, functioning like diffuser panels used in photography.

Panel composition

Product composed of two panels of polyester microfibers separated by a 200 mm air cavity.

  • Double 9mm polyester microfiber plate
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